Crawler gears!


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Hi guys anyone got some info on crawler gears for our GU 4.8. I have a bit of info but not a whole lot yet. Just asking the question what they are worth and are they worth doing. With the triptronic auto and all the weight in the guti its kinda hairy and Elise use's the breaks to much down the steap tracks. So I want to sus them out.

Cheers Bruce

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Talk to 4x4 he has put them in his already.

I am looking at putting 43% reduction in our only cause I think it is way to quick for my liking in Low range.



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There are also Gearmaster gears, a Sydney mob maybe? A bit cheaper, but have no idea of the quality
of either them or Marks. Would like them in mine, though I'd probably go 80% reduction, and up a tyre
size at the same time(bush tyres).



Do you intend to go up another tyre stage at a later date? Because this will offset some of the gain. I went 43% reduction gears and I am happy with that. Any more and it would be a pain going from low to high all the time, not to mention the negative effects in sand. Yes, there are times 80% would come in handy, but IMO 43% is a better option.

Cheers Rossco


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I have a GU 2004 3.0l auto and have just had 85% reduction gears fitted - from Marks 4wd adapters.

It has made an unreal difference to downhill control - 1st low is now 46:1,
Most of my 4wd is in the Vic high country. I can now drive down the steepest tracks with no braking at all

That said, top speed in low range is approx 20kmh - a quick shift to high range when needed is all it takes to speed up.

I used to live in Mt Gambier and drove in the sand dunes and beaches for 20 yrs - In all that time I never used low range in sand.

Momentum and tyre pressures are the important factors in sand

Get a set of reduction gears - you won't be disappointed



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Mark's Adaptors, Superior Engineering, Snake Racing, ARB, any of those guys should have the stuff you want, but if it's downhill traction you want then gears won't help much. They make a little difference but the cost & effort involved doesn't justify it for your purpose IMO. Wether under brakes or low geared decelleration, the only thing really holding your 4x4 to the terra firma is the grip from your tyres.

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What sort of install time do you think is reasonable to install these gears?

I have been quoted 5 hrs just wondering if this is a fair amount?


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It depends on what gears u change. If its just low range ratio in the transfer case then 5 hrs sounds about right for a mech who is familiar with your vehicle type. It'd take you or me a full weekend, if we didn't stuff anything up lol
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About to bite the bullet and put them in!

Hi All,

Been given permission from SWMBO that I can fit a set of reduction gears to the GU (4.2 TDI) running 33" tyres before the trip to O'tools. Now for the cruncher 43% or 85%. The guy fitting them for me reakons go the 85% cause you can still use the rest of your gears if you want to go quicker - good point. Flip side will it be too much reduction.

I was all keen on the 43% before I spoke to this fellow :confused::confused:

Thanks for your help.


Yobbo, it all depends on what type of 4Wdriving you do. If you do a lot of steep stuff, go the 85%. If you just want it to be more driveable on the occasional steep stuff, the 43% will be fine. I have found with the 43%'s, 1st can be too low and second not low enough, in some situations. Have a look here Marks 4wd Adaptors Home Page and work out what your final drive will be.




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Do ya want me to tell you what sort of 4x4 driving he does??:rolleyes:

I reckon I could take a Falcon to where he's allowed to go!:D