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heh how good does a dry uni sound

on our last run 200km in we gota squeak happening under load and at about 1000rpm, to 1400rpm depressing the clutch made it quiet and a little right foot ,not to be confused with beautiful brake foot . Had a ting for the last 10,000km occasionaly , and yes I do own a grease gun and yes I do use it .

Did have a spare on board but with hindsight I dont think it is roadside repair ,heh but if I it is please explain and detailed explanation of bush mechanics appreciated

We did a total of 1700km into the high country of VIC and the guys at high country motors at mansfield looked after us quickly ,they had a full workshop and were able to regrease the uni before we went further of road ,didnt do a great deal of good but happy to spruke the service we were given.

thats it for now the cook is calling and I am starved

muc the truck

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Unis can be done on the side of the road using the tow bar wraped in a rag to rest the shaft on while you hit the uni out . Its not nice especialy in the heat on a hot sumers day. I allways stop for travlers broken down and he had one in his car . An hour later and he was a happy old retired camper again and i was filthy wet from sweat and covered in red dirt/mud .

As a rule i toss all my unis out well before they ever hit the 100,000km mark . Any play felt by hand in a uni is a big fail. The movement in them should be none to ever so slight and only detectable with a dial indicator.