Craigs Hut area


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hey elise

is your sister single??

Just saw on the DSE website Grumpy Cameras are banned after 8pm in that area.


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You never know Bek my sister might have been trained by the secret Ninja himself/herself


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Have a great trip guys. If the weather holds out we might try and catch up with you on Sunday.


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Got the bits and pieces for the Pizza, the Weber Q is on board,don't know how many there is to be fed but if we need a bit more bits and pieces get it at Mansfield on the way through grog is in the fridge, I'm set !
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Heads up for Grumpy and Bushnut- Clarkey will be leaving pretty early too, and says they usually use
the last campsite-the one closest to Carter Rd.
There will be a couple of others leaving Sat arvo Elise, but have no set time, just whenever they
knock off work(an 80 series and a Paj towing a trailer).
The site should be easy to find, we will be on ch 29 (as my protege has mentioned already!), and
some phones work in the area. If any details change eg;using Loosenuts hut, I will give you a call.



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The NINJA would love to make an appearance but i as Elise said i'm going to try to put some venison in the freezer. Bambi beware!!! Tell your old man to look out too as i'm after a deer head for the wall....:eek::D

Say hi to your sister for me Elise....:D


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I will say Hi for you Gilly

We will be leaving round 1pm tomorrow & expect our 2 4bys (GU & 79 series Cruiser) round 4.00 - 4.30, have a drink ready for our arrival.

I still have to go food shopping & pack the TI, I'm not doing the full set up so it won't take me long to get my shit together (only myself to cater for this time).