Craig’s hut to dargo trip


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Hi guys
Thinking about doing a trip iv wanted to do for a long time.
I wanna start at the snowy hydro museum, head to Craig’s hut, then make my way down to dargo.

Plan is to take some nice fun tracks on the way.
Not really interested in extreme stuff but fun tracks.
Myself and 3 or 4 mates will be going more than likely in September.
Wondering if anyone could recommend some tracks/ places to travel?
Any tracks I should steer clear of?
Anything else I should know ?

Thanks in advance legends...


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Pretty sure that Clear Hills Track is seasonally closed until November. So you would be walking in to Craigs Hut.


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Probably the only thing you need to know is that you can't do it. Apart from that, your trip plan is perfect :)

Every reasonable track around Craig's hut and from there to the East side of Wonnangatta on the way to Dargo will be closed, until at least the week before cup day.

If you forget Craig's hut which is really just a movie set anyway, you could come down through Abbeyyard or The Buckland Valley across to Mt Sarah and into the Grant Area. It's interesting there and you can do some decent tracks.

Get a Hema High Country map for planning, and Rooftop maps for navigation,

Also, this should be your first place to look when planning high country trips between late May and End November.


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As the other boys have said, you'll have to skip a fair bit if you're planning on heading that way before cup weekend as most of it is closed.


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I forgot to mention. Even if you use open tracks.

At that time of the year, the tracks can be slippery and rivers full. Make sure all on the trip have AT's in good condition or preferably muddies. At least one person should have a winch, and a chainsaw, and everyone have snatch straps etc. Tyres at 22 - 24 PSI should be about right unless you get into really steep rocky stuff.

Call parks at Dargo to get an update a few days before going. The river crossing on the Crooked River Rd near Winchester can be a doozie in spring. Parks will let you know if they still go that way, or via Grant to get to Talbotville.

It will be bloody cold at night and could bucket down for a couple of days so be prepared for that.

Talbotville, Grant, Crooked River etc is an interesting old mining area and has pretty good access from Dargo. The upper Dargo Rd has some ok camp spots on the Dargo.