Cowbaw State Forest


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Cobaw State Forest

Hi guys...

Just some info on a recent 1/2 day trip that Fox Shooter and i did yesterday. Although our time was limited, we still managed to fit in a decent amount of 4wd'ing. The tracks that are sign posted are Easy to Medium, however you still need to be aware of your wheel placement. The hardest of the posted tracks we did would be 'Soilpit tk' which we did on the way out. The other signed tracks we did were 'Pole' , 'Camp' , 'Stumpy' , 'link' and 'natives' tracks. We also did quite a few unmarked tracks of which there are a few and there are still lots we didn't do. These tracks would have to be rated from 'medium' to 'hard'... (depending on your own estimation.) None the less these tracks were thouroughly enjoyable. One of which we had to turn around as it closed up to much and left us with little option. But the climb up to this point was challenging.
Anyone who is looking for a good trip close to Melbourne or Geelong, i can recommend this little gem of a spot. Only 1 1/4 hrs from Geelong. (approx 15mins from Cahlsruhe) off the Calder hwy.

We will be looking to head out there again sometime in the future to check out the tracks we missed... and to do some of these we did again... I have some photos which i'll try and post up here.

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