Cooper S/Ts


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I have to agree, but you will have to oversize them a little. I mean a little wider and taller profile dont go standard otherwise you dont get as aggressive! bigger tyre bigger lugs! my mates jackaroo has smaller ones and they may as well be atr's! i hope that makes sense!


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Just a reminder.....I am running 285/75/16 S/Ts on my mags (somewhere under the mud) these have given me another inch in overall height (just fits in the carport now)


My lux is in the shop now for the s/t's I had factory 255/75/r15 on it but when she comes home she'll have 31/10.5 r 15 so should be interesting don't Know if I paid to much but they were $260. each in the end.

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Just got back from 2 weeks in the Flinders. We bought our Cooper STT's just before O'Tooles and have been very happy with their performance both in the Vic High Country and they coped extremely well on the Sharp rocks in the Flinders. No luggs torn off and a few spots where the sharp rock has cut the base tyre, but no punctures. We've definately given these tyres a good workout and can't be happier. Pressures are important with these tyres though so don't be too impatient to stop and deflate.