Cooking with lump charcoal


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I thought I would try some lump charcoal from Bunnings it is real charcoal in big pieces cooked my first thick cut Porterhouse last night I used mostly charcoal but some small pieces of old Redgum, great result as per pic Redgum adds taste. View attachment 56387 View attachment 56388 View attachment 56389 View attachment 56390 View attachment 56391
Dessert it is easy to cook too.
Beautiful. Charcoal is the bomb for cooking all meat. I have a rotisserie that often has a good chunk of pork spinning on it with some good charcoal.


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I've been doing similar, only sous vide then onto the charcoal (dry well after taking out of the bag).
Bunnings' lump charcoal works really well for Japanese on the Hibachi. Small enough to take on weekend trips, too.


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Been using charcoal for a while now with a Kamado Joe definitely best way to BBQ havnt used any camping though.


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Interesting. I have used charcoal in a BBQ before, but I never considered taking it camping. It would take up less space/weight than hardwood and still give a great cooking result although I do like my hardwood coals.