Coneac State conservation area N.S.W.

I am travelling with a group to the Woko campground.
Looking at the maps there is a round trip that I would like to take and was after any information on the area.
Traveling up there from Thunderbolts Way, the forest trail way is via Curricabark rd.
On the way back to Barrington traveling south I found the following route
Coneac Trail onto
Rankins Rd followed by
Coneac Forest rd to
Craven Creek rd which links back up with
Thunderbolts way
Any info would be good. I spoke to the local npws and they have not been in the area for a while saying it may be overgrown.
I am not going to attempt it unless I receive some latest info.
Take care all and have a good weekend
I've been on some trails up there on a motorbike, some were fine some were overgrown. You should be ok on the main trail, but you will have a hell of a time finding were to enter at either end. Pretty sure you won't get a car through Rankins, last time I went through there it was a single trail.
Thanks for the info Burgo
We did our trip on the weekend of the 15th,
We met the ranger at Woko and he pretty much confirmed the same thing overgrown and locked gates.
He did describe another way around that brought you into the back of Mayers Flat. We weren't prepared to drive that far.
Instead we swam at Barrington on the river and cooked up lunch. Thanks again for the interest looks like I will have to take the motorbikes to explore that one.