Companion 2 Burner High Output Stove & Colman bottles using UNEF to 3/8" BSP Gas Cylinder Adapter


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My apologies if I am asking things incorrectly as I just started camping.

I like Companion 2 Burner High Output Stove but does not have the roof tray to carry the GAS bottle on the roof.
Have two young kids as a passenger so not sure should carry the gas bottle in the car.
Was thinking to use these small Coleman propane bottles I could carry in the car (again not 100% sure)
Googling found out UNEF to 3/8" BSP Gas Cylinder Adapter
But Snowy site and Companian says don't use any adaptor with that high-pressure stove.

Please help!
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You won’t get the pressure that you get using a 4.5/9.0 kg bottle, but no reason why not. I use a similar adaptor to run my Weber baby Q on Coleman bottles with no issue. Just takes a bit longer to get hot.


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I have run a similar cooker ( primus) off those gas bottles with no problems at all so cant see why not.

Just on your cooker selection. It is personal preference but I like the type that have a skin just under the burner face so that you don’t have all the nooks and crannies to fill up with crud and fat. Much easier to keep clean


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For those asking about the Coleman connector.

it is 2 adapters fitted together. First one in POL to 3/8, second one with the tap is 3/8 to Coleman.