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Comforser cf3000 tyre?

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tyres' started by CatchinJack, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. beasley

    beasley Active Member

    im sure there are tyre mobs up that way who have these tyres .have a look on that flea auction sight and type in muddies and a few will pop up who sell them in queanbeyan nsw and got mine in sydney
  2. beasley

    beasley Active Member

    So just an update on my tyres from my earlier post, tyres have done now around 37000 total and they are measured at 9mm even wear on all four. I have rotated them once since they last post in July 2016. So far no much if any deterioration on the side lugs and have been on a few day 4wd trips and a four day trip. Seem to be holding up well and will probably start looking at sourcing another set in the next few months. Plenty of scraps and rubs on the tyres and sidewalls when inflated and deflated and no punctures yet, oops I hope thats not a curse.
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  3. Pubski

    Pubski Member

    Ive got a set of these on my discovery i find not that noisy on the road heard many worse muddies.

    Done a couple of 4wheeling zdays and cant complain about them so far
  4. beasley

    beasley Active Member

    They certainley have been good for me aswell. How many mm wear have ur tyres done with approx kms?
  5. beasley

    beasley Active Member

    Good to hear
  6. Pubski

    Pubski Member

    Haha id probably 1000klm at most on them so still new .
  7. Xagtho

    Xagtho Active Member

    They're new to me also, positive first impressions. Out of the 4 cheapo tyres the shop had on offer, bighorn, hercules, minerva, the comforser had the softest rubber to the thumb nail gauge.
    Measured 14mm tread depth.
    Surprisingly little road noise for the pattern due to the softness.
    Pic is comparing size against an unused bfg AT, both at 33x12.5r15

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  8. Mistahn

    Mistahn New Member

    Hi Sasha,
    I know there is a fellow up on the Goldy that does a good price for these tyres. Thinking about trying some out for myself, heard pretty good reports. If you go to maxtreadtyres on FB, all one word, you should be able to get some info on them.


    Cheers, Tahnee
  9. BarKer

    BarKer Active Member

    Mine have done a tad over 30K so far.. Lots of tread left but they are cupped to all buggery and therefore noisy... After doing some reading up the causes of cupping (scalloping) is wide and varied but essentially it is either suspension issues or cheap tyres. I have to admit I am a tad lazy and have never rotated them from front to back (unidirectional tyres) which certainly would not help. Suspension checks out fine so maybe it is the tyre combined with the lack of maintenance.

    But overall, for the price I am reasonably happy with them.
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  10. Albynsw

    Albynsw Well-Known Member

    I am on my fifth or sixth set of muddies as daily drivers and they all start to scallop out if you don't rotate them regularly ( every 5k) so it may not be a result of being cheap
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  11. Landcruiserbj

    Landcruiserbj New Member


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  12. Landcruiserbj

    Landcruiserbj New Member

    Got them on the land cruiser previous tires were 36inch simex centipedes still need to rack up the kms to see how they compare to the centipedes so far really happy with them
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  13. filcar

    filcar New Member

    Have a set of these in 235/85 16 on my Defender as play tyres for trips and weekend play time. Had them on for an Easter trip through Wyperfield and Big Desert, ran them for 4 days at 20 psi with no problems, and was too lazy to inflate for the run into Oyen at the finish so drove around 50Km at around 85 to 90 kph at that pressure with no overheating issues. Really happy with the performance of these for the price, but don't know how they would wear if on the car full time.
  14. Jason Maughan

    Jason Maughan New Member

    Put CF3000 (33x12.50R20LT) on my new truck and am interested to see how they do. They have a pretty nice look. Road noise isn't too bad. Have yet to really test them off-road yet, but will report back when I do.

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  15. Navigator54

    Navigator54 Member

    After shredding a Cooper with less than 15K on it, I put a pair of these on the rear of my truck and after 10K I can say they are performing just as well noise and wear wise and for less than half the cost. Only negative is the uni-directional tread pattern (not ideal to swap L->R ) but I carry a Cooper as a spare to avoid that issue.
  16. Mesiah

    Mesiah New Member

    I have just bought a set of these for my new Landcruiser 79 Dual Cab I look forward to putting them through their paces
  17. Mesiah

    Mesiah New Member

    they look the goods
  18. monk2

    monk2 Active Member

    I put a set of these on my old girl 33/12.50/15 they have been on for about 40000ks now and are wearing very well very quiret on road compared to the big dollar brands traction in the wet on the black stuff not to bad off road all most as good as my maxxis trepador's 35/12.50/15 both are directional tread pattern but the comforser they have chipped a very minor bit but over all very good value for money in my option let down to 18psi they dig there way out so far not got stuck with them on touch wood
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  19. FSBronco

    FSBronco Member

    Based on the reviews, specifications, and consideration of value for money, I'm going to give these Comforser MTs a crack on the mighty Bronco! I'll take them out to Birdsville and Big Red this year and let you know how they go!
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  20. Mesiah

    Mesiah New Member

    I have had these on my 70 series landcruiser now for 2 months and im impressed they work well offroad and on a bit noisy on hardtop but thats what the radio is for they are also good in the wet on and off tarmack

    Silver Streak
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