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Comforser cf3000 tyre?

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tyres' started by CatchinJack, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. Brianlee

    Brianlee New Member

    little noisy on road. but, for this price....
  2. Thor tires

    Thor tires New Member

    Hey Guys,
    Just became a member of this site to join the discussion on tires.

    I am a tire distributor in Canada. I have spoken with a few distributors across USA and in eastern Canada about these Comforser tires and they gave me great reviews on the Comforser product.

    I have purchased a few containers of product and so far the market response has been positive. If anyone is interested in asking any questions about the product let me know. I will try to keep this forum up to date on performance reviews and lifetime one can expect out of this brand.

    The Manufacturer in China is very proud of their product and offer good warranty coverage.

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  3. Stevebailey

    Stevebailey New Member

    Hey in a previous post someone was asking about the sidewalk and asked if it was of "LT" construction? Too be honest I'm not sure what this means but do theses tyres have it?

    Also will they handle being dropped as low as 14-16psi ?

    I'm looking at the comforser MT

  4. Thor tires

    Thor tires New Member

    Hello Steve,

    We have had these tires in circulation now for about 3 months. Our clients are very happy with the product. Wear is good performance is excellent.

    These tires are LT tires. An LT tire is signified by the LT stamp on the side of the tire. It means that the tire has been designed for carrying heavier cargo or towing larger trailers than your typical P or C rating.

    These tires are 10 PLY and Load range E as well. I will contact you about the 14 - 16 PSI once I have heard from the design engineer. Shouldn't take longer than a day for them to respond so I can give you the proper information.

    The one issue with all Chinese products is there are counterfeit products out there. I deal directly with the manufacturers in China for the products we distribute.

    Where are you located I may be able to help you get ahold of a set?

  5. ozjeff

    ozjeff New Member

    Interested to hear any feedback on these as well, both on-road (dry & wet) and of course for off-road. Looked at another Chinese brand being imported, but reviews all rated them as death traps while there does seem to be some positive reviews on this one coming through slowly.
  6. Yooper

    Yooper New Member

    Comforser 3000 tires on h 2004 Hilux:
    They're decent for the price. Wearing ok for the abuse I've put them through so far--no chunking yet even on rather sharp rocks. Mate's brand new (second trip offroad) Coopers have more chunks out of them than the Comforsers after a trail the other day. Have to air down to about 18psi in order to get them to start to conform and that psi is now my standard starting pressure when airing down for offroad; was down to 12psi in some soft sand without them spinning on the wheel. I get a nice even wear pattern at 30-32psi for on-road/highway when not loaded; fully loaded for camping I air up to 35psi.

    Had no problem with them on wet bitumen, although I realise they are MTs and wasn't driving the 'lux like a sports car either. They are quite a bit louder than the old style Goodyear MTR's or old (pre-KM) BFG MT's on the highway, but both on and off road I'd rate them at least as good as the old BFG MT's.
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  7. Stevebailey

    Stevebailey New Member

    Hey I ended up buying 2 of these and put them on the back, very impressed very strong side walls I have a set of km2s on the front and these seem to have a lot stronger side walls,
    A little noisy but I've had a lot worse
    Handled very well in the mud and gave them a good flogging over some very very rocky sections and no damage at all.
    But the km2s recived some damage!!! Ripped 2 lugs in half!!

    Had them down at 16 all weekend not a worry the side walls were so ridgid I could of had them even lower.

    I was really weary of buying cheaper tyres but at the end of the day there all the same really
  8. Stevebailey

    Stevebailey New Member

  9. river rat 14

    river rat 14 New Member

    I have a set of the mud terrain they are awesome, i have 5000 miles still alot of meat on them. They pull like crazy, do not roar,and do well in rain. Conforser 3000 mt . 97 ram 1500 4x4 31/2 lift.
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  10. beasley

    beasley Active Member

    Hi there. I bought a set of four 265/75/16 muddies from a bloke in hornsby sydney. So far 20 odd k on them and five harsh outings on these tyres and nothing but abuse thrown at them and lowered them to 15psi without any damage. I bought them cause i couldnt afford expensive brand name tyres. They are designed and engineered in florida usa and built in china. Hope this helps. Alittle noisey due to being muddies and if u drive to wet conditions there no different to other brand tyres.
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  11. beasley

    beasley Active Member

    The other thing is I bought four of these muddie tyres and fitted by the bloke i bought them off for $740 . These are on my daily driver the hilux surf. I will measure how much tread mm is left and adv.I now have also bought two extra mud tyres 225/75/16 for my box trailer .
  12. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator

    Might Give these babies a run next time, they look similar to the MTZ tread...Roughly half the cost per tyre as MTZ"s , what can happen they fail before 30k ...Somehow what I've read I doubt it..
    Mickey Thompson can do a backward somersault and disappear up there own asses.I'm certainly done with them
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  13. beasley

    beasley Active Member

    I certainly was a little dubious about them at first, did some research on the net and on the company but i was on a tight budget at the time so went with these. The first 4wd outing I took it easy on the tyres but after each outing I really put them though some tests. They have been through mud.clay mud.scrabbly shale rock. Steep descents and accents. Rock hopping and wet rocks etc. Deflated them.down to 15psi and he a nice wide grip on rocks . Anyhow that's my experience so far with these tyres and happy to continue to adv after hit the 30k mark. I will measure this arvo the tread depth from new and also now after 20 odd k
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  14. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator

    Thanks mate,I was prepared to pay through the nose for decent tyres, they have failed, so I'll pay for a set for half the price and see how it goes,I know from winches you don't get what you pay for, maybe tyres are the same in a lot of cases...Was going to go the BFG but I'll try these first..Oh don't need them just yet, I'd like to think I'll get 30k from the MTZ's before they split...
  15. beasley

    beasley Active Member

    G. Sorry for the time it took to measure the depth. So at the moment the tread depth with 22000kms on them with about 5 harsh 4wd outings and the rest daily driver kms. Curran depth 11mm and new tread depth was 14mm. So that's pretty good wear. All four tyres are even wear at 11 mom tread depth. Ye I have rotated once at 10000km .time to rotate again. Hope that helps guys . Cheers Dave IMG_20160620_110158.jpg
  16. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator

    Thanks for the effort mate
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  17. Shane Fennell

    Shane Fennell New Member

    Please tell me more about the tyres
  18. beasley

    beasley Active Member

    Gday shane , very good price 265 75 R16 x4 freepasser which is comforser mud terrains fitted were $720. They are a florida based company who design and test them there in america and made under strict quality conditions in china. I have rotated them once and overdue to rotate again, i am now at around 27000kms on the four and will measure the tread depth before i head to work. They have copped a pounding so far as they do daily driver duties and also a fair bit of offroad. Usual muddy on road werrrrrrring noise is best describe but not bad. In the rain onroad slow down and there fine. Offroad they deflate well and conform over sharp rocks and stumps and things , I'm happy with them and will be buying another set when needed . The guy is named brian in hornsby and he fits them aswell. Nice bloke . he sells through flea bay and not through them aswell. Tyres have warranty and so far the abuse i have thrown at them there still ok. Hope that helps , if you want his number i will find it and put it up. Im not a rep for him or benefit in anyway ,just incase u were wondering .
  19. beasley

    beasley Active Member

    Here are the tyres in action on the weekend just gone .I always take two spare muddies size 225 75 16 away on any trip, one on the roof cage and one on back carrier. Yes that is snow and it just started then and continued throughout the sat and as we camped and 4wheeled up around wombeyan caves and jenolan caves for the weekend. 20160820_105216.jpg
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  20. sashaTD5

    sashaTD5 New Member

    hey guys im looking into buying these tyres for my landrover and have been reading through the reviews , I live north of brassy and was wandering were I can get some from ?? thanks in advance ! sasha

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