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colorado big lift


New Member
Anyone tried the golden Colorado big lift kits from superior engineering.

Is it worth it???
Does it drive ok with the lift???

They look over priced but any feed back would be great


New Member
i have inquired about this lift for my bt50 and i was told it would be in excess of 10k dollars to fit and get it engineered and that it may not pass a engineers report apparently you have to hire a race track and the vehicle with the lift fitted needs to pass a swerve test at 110km don,t know if this is full true just what i've been told from a 4wd machanic

muc the truck

Well-Known Member
I have considered importing it direct from thiland at about 3k. but the problem is in Qld no one will certify and compliance plate it . stupid qld rules. if you get on alibaba express and searth lift kits you can contact the maker and import it your self. just stick to paypal and credit card , no western union. Imported heaps of car parts like this and had not issues with deleiver etc