Colorado 7 2012 loud clunk when reversing.


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Hi just seeing if anyone had same issue or idea on whats wrong with my c7 2013 only 125km. I'm getting a loud clunk when in reverse mainly that has slowly got worse it's not when putting in reverse it's about 5 to ten Mtr after going backwards and normally when start steering one loud clunk like something binding then letting go. The rest of the drive is fine it only happens in reverse after sitting for a bit sometimes when going forward but near full lock. Had at mechanics look twice and said can't find an issue. Any help would be great. Thanks

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Hi Mate, Is it from a start when you are reversing from a parking spot? I'm just wondering if maybe your handbrake might be binding a bit then letting go.


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Could be the centre bearing rubber mount. If it's got a centre bearing that is. When mine went awhile back. The rubber was stiff enough to resist until hard load came on it, then it would jump up or down depending on direction of rotation.