Coleman Hot Water On Demand Review


Coleman Hot Water On Demand Review

Ive had this unit for about 4 years now.I bought it from Rays on a Special with the Bag etc etc.Pricing is all over the place on the net..Caravan and Camping Shows generally produce value for money with bundling gear with it...

This unit has been brilliant for showers while away and also for hot-water for doing the dishes ..I found the the hose they use is terrible and hard.I went to a boating joint and replaced it with a more flexible hose,remember if you do this and its too flexible when it gets hot it could crimp the hose cutting off the water supply.Also the shower rose is also terrible and i replaced it with a shower rose from Bunnings..Its all great now..
I find this unit is not hot enough for a cuppa coffee or tea..If you dont have milk it maybe ok.It also has a 12volt battery that is removable should it need replacing,mine still holds its charge very well..Its for the ignition to light the gas burners to heat the water..Water pressure is good enough to get the job done.It also has a safety spring so that if you want the water hotter you have to personally stand there holding the knob around until you've got enough hotter water..
It comes with 12/240 volt power adapters.

I also find the 20litre Collapsible water containers are great,i hav x2.There flexible although full of water so i take them even if i leave the shower at home which isn't often.I like to shower every-night after a days worth of 4wdriving... If the rivers to cold a hot shower is fantastic and refreshing...

It takes the Coleman Propane Canisters which i notice have doubled in price over 4 years from 5 bucks to 10 bucks,there generally a throwaway canister..

It has been a fantastic addition to my camping gear...

OK Ive noticed there is a new Aqua Cube that's taking on the Coleman,with digital display etc etc..I am trying to get hold of one for a few months to try it out and then return it for a review,cannot promise anything but will try...


Coleman Hot-Water Specs:

Hot water dispenses from the faucet in less than five seconds, adjustable up to 160° F (71.11° C)
Full size faucet fold into handle
Heat up to 40 gallons of water with one compact Coleman® 16.4 oz. (465 g) propane cylinder (Propane sold separately)
Water flow is 1 gallon per minute on the warm and cool settings. It is about 1/2 gallon per minute on the hot setting
For even more hot water, adapt to a bulk propane tank (adapters and tank sold separately)
Rechargeable 6 volt battery pumps the water
Battery can be recharged in the car or off of a household outlet
Recharge cords store inside the heater
Simple to maintain: clean the heater with a simple household solution
Portable, propane hot water system for outdoor use only
Great for emergency preparedness
3 year warranty ...... (Now 1 Year)
Dimensions: 17 in. x 9.6 in. x 16.1 in. (43.18 cm x 24.38 cm x 40.89 cm)
Made in China

The unit hooks up to these Coleman Collasable 20l Containers, usually about 10 bucks in the U.S but because we live in Australia We have to pay 3 times more, Google Apples response to why there song pricing is about 50% more in Australia and, basically it's because we pay it. :eek:
So the pump end screws onto this container once full of water, 20 litres will give you about 10 minutes showering .


Also if you have mains water you can buy an after so it runs off your hose for about 60 odd bucks.
If your very careful you can use the units pump down by the river to fill the containers back up, but do at your own risk because if the pump fowls up with mud, leaves etc it may be the end of it, I've been doing this for years in Prestine water tho and never let the pump hit the bottom and had no issues.


Ok if you find the water pump or ignitor will not work its likely to be the internal fuse. PLEASE be aware opening your unit will void your Warranty, I suggest you only try this if it's run out. I found this on another forum. So what causes this fuse to blow, well reading another site its likely to be the pump at the end of the hose.

Replacing internal fuse on the Coleman On Demand Hot Water Unit

Also from another site is the Coleman rep who apparently is the guru on these units :

Coleman rep for hot water service..

*Max on 0418 849 693.*

Independent Reviews at the Coleman Site Here:Coleman - Outdoor Gear for Camping, Hiking and Tailgating / US

These Reviews i write are from my own Camping Gear that i have bought over the years that i have used and paid in full...Ive decided to write these reports so my fellow 4x4Earthers can make a valid choice on what gear to buy whether it be of high grade quality or poor quality.
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We have one of these also, and it's fantastic. With 3 kids and 2 adults we still had gas after a week of using it over a Christmas period. That was using it for showers and washing up.
Down sides would be making sure you have enough water for showers and it's size.
Other then that we always have it packed and ready to go.


Nice job mate :)

Perhaps some kind of "milk powder" would allow you to have milk in your coffee without dropping the temperature too much by using refrigerated real milk. Or pehaps a bag of those single use "tipper" type long life milk would do - dont need refridgeration for those until they are open - but being that they are a perfect size for adding milk to coffee then they are empty it wouldnt be a issue :)
<edit - like these>

My wife reckons I smell like a animal when out camping hahahha - Will eventually have to get some kind of shower unit i reckon else I will have to buy another tent to sleep in seperatly :D :D
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Hi Swaggie nice writeup on the coleman hot water unit could be just what is wanted to keep the ball & chain happy but she still insists on a normal dunni and must have a flushing system can't win but nice write up

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Swaggie, you seem to have a lot of spare time on your hands mate, reviews left, right, centre :D

Seriously though, really appreciate your reviews, I will be eventually getting into more gear for 'civilised' camping, and some sort of shower will be in there for the missus and daughter (and me, as Prawns said, gotta keep smelling nice when the ladies are with us fellas).

Maybe we'll see more reviews from others too, all helps making better, more informed decisions on gear we fork out hard earned cash for.

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I believe these are a hit and miss. I personally don't have one as I have a different set up, but I have 2 mates that have these. The first mate is on his second one. First one crapped itself after using it for a week. The replacement is still going strong after 3 years. My second mate is on his third and hates it. He swears he will never get another one. On the upside, coleman have replaced the faulty units, so there customer service is excellent. I won't be buying one as I have one of these set ups.


Works a treat.


Thanks for the kind words Guys

Yeah i guess Coleman sell a lot of units..Mine hasn't missed a beat..Thats another reason i buy Coleman not only are they are a great product,when i take something back i want them to look at Ive never been asked for a receipt from Rays Camping...I dont know the guys at the counter either.They just say leave it with us and the rep will check it out.It may take a couple of weeks but who cares its being looked at...

Yeah Les i like to review stuff for the reason it is our hard earned cash and i dont like to see myself and other people waste money on crap..But you have to also realize that $$ come into play here especially with families.Most the time its worth spending a bit more for a product...

Anyway the saying goes you cant lead a horse to water and make them drink


Nice review there Swaggie.

I too have a Coleman HWOD, had it about a year now with no probs at all. They are a bit of a bulky unit, but for an instantaneous hot water system I guess you have to expect that, not bad if you have the space though.
I also bought the connection for the normal gas bottle (see image below), though it is a bit fiddly to take the bottles off the trailer so I only really use the bottles for emergencies otherwise I tend to use the disposable canisters you spoke of which last ages anyways.

I find what works really well for the wife & I is to fill a 20kg bucket with water, turn the unit on to hot and place the showerhead in the bucket so the water re-circulates until it gets to the desired temperature (doesn't take long to heat up at all); then we normally both get to shower from that 20kg bucket (by putting the showerhead back in the bucket to recirculate whilst soaping up etc).

Highly recommend to anyone with the room.

PS: Below are images of our Coleman HWOD stored in bag (red circle) and set up using the gas cylinder.



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Hiya Wayne, we've had one of these for just over 5 yrs now and we loved it, that was until it died on us about 3 mths ago, although we were disappointed with its failure we were still very impressed with it for the time had.

We had 4families of 4 using it on one camping trip using a 2kg gas bottle to run it and getting water in a 20 later bucket at first then we bought one of those large foam e sky's which held approx 40 ltrs which was fantastic enabling 3people to have a shower before refilling from the creek.

We purchased a Coleman shower tent as well that provided great privacy for the ladies.
We will get another one eventually or one of those you mentioned , might await your next review on that one first, lol.


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Actually, this unit is 6volt, not 12. And while the tiny battery will last about 4 to 6 showers it is a real pain when it runs out. Especially because you cannot use it while you are charging! So you are stark naked, the hot water has stopped all together, then you need to run around and plug it in to charge, then wait for the battery to get enough charge.... And put some clothes on! Not completely ideal.

I have converted mine to run directly from our 12v supply in our camper or our 4wd by way of step down converter, 3way switch and Anderson plug. It works an absolute trick. We also pump water into a kiddies pool (no urinating kiddies aloud to swim in this pool.....) and the Coleman pumps from that so we have almost unlimited hot water. We setup like this because we stay in the one spot for awhile.

The other good thing about this setup is that because I now have an off switch, you can just leave the dial on the front at your preferred level (even easier when you remove the clock spring) and turn off the power switch. Then when you turn it on again it refires the gas and pump and starts off again right where you left it!

I have some photos of the conversion.....


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Good write up Swaggie.

I have the aqua cube logic. Paid $345 from tent world and so far has been fantastic.

Had to buy it as it was the only way to get the wife and daughter out into the bush. Glad I did as it was the camping that allowed me to buy the Patrol :)

I see you can get them now for under your bonnet and you adjust the temp with your heating dial in the car. Was called Flojet Glind shower?
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Great idea their mate although I've had no issues with my battery ever going flat, sometimes I just put the pump into a prestine rivers get me gear off and sing my heart out, using the correct soap of course, never had the battery issues or gas run out.. Maybe just luck with battery... Heah could you please post a step by step diagram with pics on what you did for the switch and Anderson plug... Thanks :);)

You do know rather than LPG you can refill the propane canisters with a mac coupler..



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Hi guys. It's a matter of wiring into the cable from the battery, an on-off-on rocker switch that has the battery feed on one side and the 12v step down feed on the other side. Check out this link for another guide on how it is done

I also have some crude before and after diagrams done from my memory.



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Oh, and the step down converter you get from eBay. Search for '12v 6v converter' and go the one that is waterproof, with CPT on the box. Runs at about $12-$15.

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These are great devices, but they do seem to have a lot of failures. We bought one some years ago and after a few months the pump failed which BCF replaced immediately.

After another 3 or 4 years the thing died on us again so we ended up dumping it.

Those failures aside, it did the job easily and efficiently and we loved it. We tried using it with the shower attachment and that worked, but we got fed up lugging it (and the table it sat on) from our kitchen area around to the shower tent and then back again each time. Reaching outside to turn it off and on and then having to juggle the temperature each time was also a pain.

So - we bought a bilge pump with a shower rose and a bucket. The pump was clipped onto the camper battery (near where we position the toilet/shower tent around the back of the camper) and we used the HWOD to heat a bucket of water which we used to shower with. This made life simpler and worked really well.

Would we get another one? Probably not. They are a large and heavy unit and I am happy to be able to reclaim the space it occupied. We will just boil the billy in the fire or on a gas ring to get our hot water from now on and keep using the bilge pump and bucket for the shower - it works well for us and removes one complication from our camping.


I like that idea of the bilge pump myself.
We had a coleman HWOD unit for 4 yrs and it served its perpous well providing hot shower's for the whole family and others for that matter while away camping for extended periods.
The unit died about 5 mths ago having complete ignition and pump failure, we were considering replacing it with another but kinda like the idea of a 12v pump and just heating water on the fire or gas and could use the extra room saved by not taking a bulky item like the HWOD unit.:)

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