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Coffs Harbour tracks for newbie

Discussion in 'Tracks Discussion' started by CruiserDan, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. CruiserDan

    CruiserDan New Member

    Hi fellas, I'm in coffs for a couple of days with the family, and looking to go and have a play somewhere close. Nothing too serious just fun. I'm going to have a look at rover trail and go from there. Any help would be awesome.
  2. ballie77

    ballie77 New Member

    Hi Dan,

    I'm no expert on the area, but I was up there at Easter and found heaps of easy-intermediate tracks.
    I dropped in to ARB in Coffs and found them very helpful. The gent that I spoke with had a laminated map and spent 20 minutes with me which I scribbled notes on. Most of the tracks that I did were about 20 minutes from the town. Rover Trail was short but good fun. Looks super challanging from the bottom but drove up it (the hard section) with no drama's (I had a spotter giving me some directions). Commando was harder but they all are in the same general area so not too much travel time between tracks.
    I really nice drive is up to Pebbly Beach. Its about 30 north of Coffs and a beautiful place. Take some beer and nuts and have a drink on the beach. Also, just in behind Pebbly, there are a series of powerlines and they have some really fun tracks. Lots of mud if wet, but nothing that can damage your car.
    Definately drop in to ARB and start there. Good guys.
  3. HHewitson

    HHewitson New Member

    Hey dan, I'm from Coffs Harbour but I'm currently in great Kepler Island otherwise I would show you around. You should head out to yaragyir national park for a 4by just go randomly around there you should have a ball. If you want some tracks let me know and I can email them to you. However I recommend taking another car unless you have a winch. It gets extremely boggy.

    There is also England's road which is right near bunnings (old ) however there isn't really a end goal on that track it's more just going around doing hill climbs and big holes.
  4. Gianlucafargnoli

    Gianlucafargnoli New Member

    I'm heading down to Coffs, from Brisbane, next week for a holiday and if you could sent me the names of these tracks or even show me around that would be awesome.

    Cheers Gian
  5. Mootpants

    Mootpants New Member

    Hey mate just bought a hilux, also in coffs. Would be keen to tag along some time if that ok?
  6. Ditch

    Ditch Active Member

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