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all my phone photos are automatically backed up by google each day, if i use my phone google automatically stores them in my google+ albums, they can only be viewed by others if i share them, i normally check each night and delete anything i don't want to keep, haven't had any issues in the past 4 years & its free :)
So I'm looking to upgrade my storage options and did a comparison on the majors and a few lesser known options. Thought some of you might be interested. This is mainly for PC backup but most do have a mobile app too. Some are more limited with functionality than others though. I've just opted to go with CrashPlan and to use Google Drive for the files I want easily accessible from my phone and to backup the pic's taken on the go.

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You can get Office 365 for about $90 per year if you shop around ( hint chinese PC shops) for 5 devices. Each device has 1TB storage included. It's native to Windows 10 and fully integrated. You also get 60 minutes a month of skype to land lines / mobiles. Not too shabby I reckon.

DO NOT get drop box, it's like a bloody virus.


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Good time think back up
Flicker still offer massive free storage. Thinking I might use it more this as a second or third b/up for best of best photos
I'm lost too atm.... In bloody Melbourne shopping centre