Climate Change - Biggest Money Making Con of the Century or Imminent Extinction of the Human Race

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dno67's post is a prime example of what happens when nudge economics becomes a bit too effective... it's happened in the UK with VED (roughly equivalent to rego) as they set that based on emissions. They had to introduce a whole load of new brackets over they years to manage it all.

As people moved to more efficient cars, there were an increasing number that were in the £0 or £35 brackets... it actually wasn't hard to get a small car into those brackets, and as the UK market already favoured those it was a bit of a no brainer. They've now changed it so that these brackets are harder (and have managed to make a complete mess of the system...)


The exemption list is good fun... my old HJ45 would be exempt, and so would a steam powered vehicle...


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Certainly a lot of money needed to be spent over the next 20 - 50 years to fight climate change, from converting from fossil fuel cars to electric and a thousand other changes in what we use and how we live.

But we either do that, spend the money, invest in our future, or continue to waste money on mitigation of disasters, like bushfires and floods and droughts and cyclones etc, and also wasting money on repairing all the damage caused by those disasters!

I believe it is smarter to reduce emissions, even though it is going to cost. I reckon if we don't, the annual costs for surviving in an ever more nasty world will just increase annually!

I read an article in last 24hrs giving the a comparison of the costs needed just for mitigating damages now, about $US1.2 Trillion, compared to the costs of repairing the damages without any mitigations at all - over $US10 Trillion. Cannot recall the exact number. Might find that article with a bit of effort.

And that article above looks very old, looking at the range figures of electric vehicles. Things have moved on since it was written! In many respects.

Anyone half interested in what's happening with renewal energy around the world should keep an eye on this publication, updated almost dayly. Fascinating reading. Up to date reading!
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He's overstating the cost of electricity for here anyway. It's around 30 cents per Kwh. In the US I believe it's closer to 15 cents. $1.16 seems a bit rich but it might be that in Canada.


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snip..................Now that would require some forward thinking and leadership from our politicians.

The only thing our politicians are thinking forward to is their bloated pension and the only thing they are leading is the race to the bottom. :mad:


Are we not in a Climate Emergency and only 12 years. before Armageddon :oops:

So 20-50 years ain't going to cut it....


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For your consideration, it's been a bit quiet here. Iol