Clarence River Wilderness Lodge


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Have camped near Tabulam before and warmer months are better especially if swimming is involved. This place good and interested in your feedback. This looks like a place my kids would enjoy visiting.

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I've never been out this way and thing about having a look next weekend. Is it a good/bad time of the year to head that way?

Clarence River Wilderness Tours

Harmo, you picked a great choice of spots. We frequent this place generally in winter time. It is a great place. There is a 1klm stretch of the river that you can paddle in the supplied canoes or kayacks. Kids spot the platypus in the mornings and afternoons. Feed the giant eels in the evening. There is a huge camp kitchen if that your thing OR you can go downstream and camp out of the protected stretch and do a spot of fishing. I do have some pics of the area. I'll have a look around and save them on my photobucket link below.


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Clarence Gorge

Have come accross thr Clarence Gorge through Wavehill Farm Stays, its on my to do list. I havn't been but a workmate raved about it for ages. Wave Hill Station - Camping. View the location S29.677 E152 33.535 on "Tracks4australia" in conjunction with google maps terrain.

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Stayed at a number of locations out this way, it is great for camping in winter with a good fire. Wave Hill station is unreal, toonanbar dam is okay and taloom falls isn't to bad either.