Christmas In the High Country


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This year we started our trip late, leaving on the 24th of Dec, first stop was Wog Way 2 off Imlay Rd about 60ks west of Eden.

It was fun for the dogs

Next morning we left about 8.30am for Licola, arriving to a very cold (14deg) bought a few things from the (very expensive) shop and headed out to the campsite on Mt Skene Cr, coming in via McMillan Spur, got a bit worried as it got steeper and tighter (knowhere to turn around) and after a while we got to the bottom only to find the bridge out but I engaged the rear diff lock and all was good and on to camp we went, finding this great campsite, after setting up it was beer 0'clock


We spent 3 days here looking around, doing some of the tracks, McMillan Spur (up this time) at the top it was a tad foggy

then over to Donnellys Creek and back, A little tour over to Woods point to check out Comet Flat via Johnsons tr, but just kicking back mostly, until the trailbike ferels turned up

Next stop Comet Flat at Woods Point, we arrived to an empty campground, unusual according to the local, which was fine by us

We found a little out of the way site on the other side of the river


We did a few of the tracks in and around Woods Point, took a little drive into Mansfield along the way saw some things,


stopped at the Jamison Brewery and checked out the campsites along the Jamison River for future trips, back to camp and dinner at the pub that night.

Not a bad place

After 3 days here it was time to go to the next stop on our little adventure, Briagalong and Lloyds Knob on Freestone creek
This was the best campsite and not a sole around, with the campsite all to ourselves.





We stayed 4 days here, while there we decided to have lunch at Dargo and do some tracks back to camp, so off to Dargo and on the way back we did Budgoback Creek Tr onto McDonald Tr from Dargo up to Mt Budgee Budgee then Killen Climb Tr to Lees Creek Tr onto Lloyds Knob track right back to our camp which is at the end of the track, it's steep with great views and even some steep rutted soft slippery sandstone

It was here we found the reason for a clunk in the car and went into Taralgon to see if we could get it fixed, we put out a distress call on the forum and Rovercare and isuzurover answered the call, thanks again guys

Mt Budgee Budgee Trig point

View from Trig point

View from Killens Climb Helipad

Highly recommend this trek

From here it was off to our last stay for this trip, Woods Point on the Snowy River, it was hot when we arrived and it stayed this way until we left, the temp got up to 43deg on our last day, all I can say is thank goodness for the Snowy river.




It was all a bit too much for the dogs


Yes that is the dogs own chair

That's it, from here we went home, stopping at Bredbo and pancakes for lunch, mmmmmmm



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Excellent report mate. Some bloody good photos there. Looks like you did quite a bit.

Wog Way brings back some memories. We used to do quite a bit of pig shooting around that area. Wog Way, Nungatta Station (need permission) and all the other plantations out that way. Getting an itchy trigger finger now, might need to go and stay at my brothers place in Eden for a bit and stock up on some pork.......

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Top trip report..... The High Country is such a great place to visit. we too spent a month there it was all complete with 2 days of snow at Pretty Valley. we just headed !orth and now are doing the CMC Festival at Tamworth to top off an already great trip. We will have our report up in a week or so.


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Great photos,we are planning to revisit the area for a good camping trip after we move south to the Central Coast