Chilli & Garlic BBQ Abalone


 2 medium to large abalone
 1 teaspoon minced garlic
 ½ teaspoon minced chilli
 Butter (a couple of dollops)
 2 rocks/bricks or similar (explained later)

 Remove abalone meat from shells & trim up
 Lay the meat flat on rock & belt the shit out of it with the other rock (watch out the meats likely to take off). Pound 3-4 times or until meat starts to split. Sounds a bit primitive but it tenderises the meat (we are camping after all).
 Lay flat on chopping board & slice thinly (slice vertically not horizontal).
 Place all the ingredients in a container & mix well. Refrigerate (if possible for a couple of hrs or more) give it a good shake every now and then to ensure the flavours are mixed right through
 On a nice hot BBQ plate melt butter and tip all the abalone meat & juice onto the barby plate & stir while cooking (only cook for a few minutes)
 Eat straight off the barby ---- & Enjoy

• If you want to cook more than 2 abalone adjust the ingredients to suit
• Normally use it as an entrée prior to the main barby