Chief Products front recovery point for Grand Cherokee

My Chief Products front recovery point arrived in the mail yesterday and I managed to fit it up last night. They had a 25% sale on last weekend so I managed to get this for $200.
After I unpacked everything it took 25 minutes to fit and re-install the front bumper section. All pretty straightforward although a couple of the quarter turn clips for the front panel were pretty hard to get to.
The recovery point looks the part, it sticks out enough to easily fit a shackle to but not too far to kick your shins on.
I have been stressing out a bit knowing that I had no option for forward extraction in the past, should feel a bit more comfortable now.
Chief Products recovery point (1).jpg
Chief Products recovery point (2).jpg
Chief Products recovery point.jpg
Yep, there is a spot for both sides. Had considered it but after reading on the Chief website figured just one would suit my needs. They are rated at 4.5t.


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There have been occasions when an off centre pull has upset the chassis alignment. I've got an earlier GC and my recovery point is in the same place as yours. I've been looking for one for the other side for a bit of peace of mind.