Cheap Aldi tablet

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Is any one using an Aldi tablet for their maps, if so, how so?
Have one sitting around and wondering if it is worth the effort


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I did a search on the reviews, and unfortunately, the reviews are generally not good for this product. Aldi usually sells reasonable stuff, but this is not one of them. I dont know how you will go trying to download maps to it.


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Thanks for the answer guys, here in corona virus country i had a bit of time, so rebooted a Aldi back to factory, put a new ROM into the Samsung 10.1
The Aldi started to go amazingly fast as it has no luggage on it and it has a 32g card capacity, so hence i asked the question
When i updated the Samsung i did not know it had satellite reception which has re appeared after inserting Nougat 7.1. Any one who wants their old Samsung tablet upgraded give it to me as i have now moved to the sexpert classification after soft bricking it:eek: