Chat Room?


Just wondering how difficult it would be to incorporate some sort of chat window/page/room to the site.

I feel that it would provide more of a flow of conversation and give more opportunity for members to get to know each other without the constraints of posting/refreshing and so on, via threads.
This also might enable thread topics to stay on topic with the focus for randomness being put on the chat area.

I'm aware that some people aren't as computer savvy as others so there is still the need for our random threads within the forum but it gives more choices to get together and just banter about whatever evolves. There is still the need for moderators however as in all things in life buttons can be pushed and differing opinions expressed but it is an opportunity to have a little fun and feel a little less modified with the expectation to stay on topic.

Just my random thoughts, what are others views on it?


Thanks surfer, when I print that out, I'll be able ta use it!!!!

as you can see, ive now fixed it... click on the link... if you have a mic and speakers you can chat with everyone that is there... there is a number displayed so you can see how many others are online (walkie talkie mode)

If you open that link in another window (or tab) you can hear the convo...


4x4 Earth Contributer
I'm game! except me puter dont ave no mick or speakers! And I don't reckon the guinea pigs can run that fast either!!


4x4 Earth Contributer
I might be geting a new laptop next week or so. can you get mikes and stuff for them? I don't wanna drive a cupla thousand k's and find someone uglier than me!:rolleyes: