Changing leaf packs

PK Kitchens

Hey all. I've got a new set of old man emu heavy duty leafs to go in the ute. I've never changed leafs before. Plenty of coils though.
Is there anything I should watch out for. Eg danger spots.
It looks fairly straight forward but you never know with these things.



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Things You'll Need
Jack stands
Tyre iron
Socket set*
Open end spanner set

As well as replacing *the leaf springs use new U bolts and nuts - do not re-use the existing ones , renew bushes as well .
Lift up the rear of the vehicle using the jack and secure it on jack stands. Make sure the frame and axle of the vehicle is solidly set on the jack stands before crawling underneath it. Remove the rear tires using the tire iron.

Unbolt the u-bolts that connect the axle to the leaf spring using the ratchet and socket.

Locate the rear leaf spring hanger on the frame. It's located at the rear of the frame, by the rear bumper. Hanging off the hanger is a leaf spring shackle, which is bolted to the hanged on one end and the leaf spring at the other. Unbolt the spring shackle from the leaf spring using the *ratchet and socket and an open-end wrench.

Unbolt the front leaf spring hanger from the frame using the ratchet and socket and an open-end wrench. Lift the leaf spring away from the frame and axle. This is very heavy, so if you need help carrying it, get someone to help you out.

Place the replacement leaf spring on the frame, sliding the front leaf spring bolt into the frame first, then the rear shackle to keep the suspension steady. If you need help positioning the leaf spring, use the help of a friend

Bolt the front and rear leaf spring bolts to the vehicle using a ratchet and socket and an open-end wrench. Then connect the axle u-bolts to the leaf spring using the ratchet and socket.

Reinstall the rear tires then drop the vehicle off of the stands using the jack.

PK Kitchens

Wow thanks. I wasn't expecting a full how to. But it helps. Thanks.

Then U bolts are only 6 months old. I replaced them because I broke one on a trip. So I'll still re use them. And I've already got new bushes. There coming with the leafs. As well as extended bump stops too.

Thanks for the order of which I'm ment to do it though. That's what I was after.


Alien d2

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I've always used 2 sets(4) of stands when doing leaves.
1 pair on the frame 1 pair on the diff.
The frame stands take the weight of the rig.
The diff stands the weight of the diff only.

I'd sugest one step before doing the final tightning of the spring eye and shakle bolts .
Fitt the bolts and nuts and tightn till not quite touching.
Tightn all U bolts ect..
Fitt the wheels and lower to ground.
Bounce the rear to get the bush inners to sit happily and tightn the eye and shakle bolts(avoids premature wear).

Also as with any spring lift check your brake hoses and diff breather lines are not now to tight.

PK Kitchens

Ripper thanks for that. It was a 2" lift in there already but it's sagged back below standard hight almost. So everything should be fine for lines and what not.

I was going to use a trolly jack on the diff to raise and lower.



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Thanks Kyle,

I just remembered about being careful about the brake lines and hand brake cable just be carefull with those .

Also I would think twice about using anything but new U bolts and nuts - if they were both replaced then then I guess it is worth a punt . Did you replace all four ? You don't know what stress was applied to the ones on the other side if the axel slid away from the proper position - any scissor action could have compromised the integrity of that existing pair of U bolts .

But it is your call .

PK Kitchens

If I end up doing it Saturday ill do it all myself.
I did ask him if he wanted to come over for a beer on Sunday to help out and he said he would. So if I get stuck we can finish it Sunday.
I should be right with it. I've done bigger jobs.

PK Kitchens

All done. Changed them when I got home today.
Done it by myself. Took me about 3 1/2 hours all up. Geez those leafs are bloody heavy. A lesser person wouldn't have a chance of moving them.
On he side where he bush was shagged the nut was really loose too. :eek: got lucky on that one. Bush prolly went because of loose bolt.
Lifted the ute a further 30mm. Before I had the iron man load plus things on as well. So it's gone up 30 mm with out them too. Rides heaps better now too. Not as harsh.

There the old man emu heavy duty. 10 leafs all up. 2 more then my last set.

Thanks for the advice from everyone as well.


PK Kitchens

Still got a clunking noise when I turn left and right. If I turn a corner fast and make the car lean a little it clunks, It sounds like its coming from the middle of the car. So I'm on the investigation run tomorrow.
I was doing it before I changed the leafs,

It might even be the front springs not seated right again. If I flex it right up the front spring can turn. And it makes them clunk. But it doesn't sound like that this time. I'll figure it out. I hope :D


PK don't forget to retention the bolts after a couple of weeks in case there is some movement from bedding in.