Challenger - Too many kilometres??

Hi All,

Newbie here :)

I’m looking at buying my first 4WD - a Mitsubishi Challenger (2008 or newer) in a Diesel, but I’ve only got a budget of around $10k to spend.

I’ve decided on the Challenger as they seem to be a little cheaper than other 4WDs but still seem reasonable.

My question is how many Kilometeres is too many on the odometer? I would like to get about 80k-100k kms out of it (because by then I’ll have the cash to upgrade to something almost new).

My budget seems to get me cars around the 200-280k km but is that too many kilometres (provided that there’s evidence of regular servicing and care)? How many kms can I reasonably hope to get out of a challenger engine?

I understand that there will be things I’ll need to replace, but I’d like these things to be more predictive things (e.g. worn suspension or clicking CV joints) so I can plan the replacement rather than regular surprise full-on breakdowns.

Thanks for your help! ! :)


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I contract to a guy who had a challenger, he loved it, engine crapped itself so he did a full reco change over, 3 years later he gave the car away with another blown engine...
They don't call them a Bitsamissing for nothing


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With evidence of regular servicing I wouldn't be too put off by 200,000 + kms. The 4D56 engine has had some issues with combustion blowing past the head gasket into the cooling system, but if it's made it past 200,000 without having this issue i'd say it probably won't happen at all.

Like any common rail they don't like dirty fuel and the manifolds tend to choke up with carbon deposits unless preventative measures have been taken. They are pretty solid engines compared to some of the other diesels on offer from other manufacturers. I've seen plenty of high km engines running perfectly. Had this Triton in today, still on it's original 4D56. I doubt it's had 8 timing belt changes. Says a lot for the rest of the drivetrain as well.