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Some pics from the National Motor Museum's day of celebrating 4 wheel driving.

This was one neat 80.
Photo May 19, 11 45 05 AM.jpg

Getting ready for the damper competition.
Photo May 19, 11 43 39 AM.jpg

My first 4x4 was a Series 1. Bought it at a Govt auction back in Africa. The only 4x4 I (along with a friend) could afford on the pocket money we had saved. The Landy had seen better days when we got it.
Photo May 19, 11 43 06 AM.jpg

Would love to have one of these.
Photo May 19, 11 42 53 AM.jpg

The RFD is worth their weight in gold.
Photo May 19, 11 19 32 AM.jpg

Photo May 19, 3 42 11 PM.jpg

We were part of the Land Cruiser club of SA. Good company.
Photo May 19, 3 00 33 PM.jpg

Photo May 19, 2 30 34 PM.jpg

Had to include my baby (right). :)
Photo May 18, 2 51 42 PM.jpg

Love him or not, it is because of Roothy we got to appreciate the beauty of the Aussie outback way before we had even moved here (he was featured a few times in a South African 4x4 magazine). So it was a pleasure meeting him and getting the autograph.
Photo May 19, 12 06 13 PM.jpg

Photo May 19, 12 55 36 PM.jpg


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I had a series 3 FFR (fitted for radio) got mine at an auction when they switched to the defenders. had a massive PTO winch and was set up with an extra alternator and wiring for two extra batteries. drove around in it for a few years and did a couple of trips in it. Was a good old thing for a while. Got rid of it when it started breaking down all the time. Every time I had a day off I was having to spend it picking up parts and working on it.