cb antenna help


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HI can anybody help

I have uniden 400sx with remote head and RFI Explorist 3 & 6.5db UHF CB Antennas

is there anyway of been able run both antennas
instead of getting out and changing them all the time
i have the antenna presently mounted on the buulbar but want to mount the 3db on the roof
basket seperatly is this possible
any help would be appreciated


not sure that there is a way of running them both.. you could mount both, but still change over the cable at the back of the unit... some sort of switch maybe???

alternatively, why not go for something between the 2 like a 4.5dB antenna?? I have one and it works a treat in both mountain and flat terrain... approx 15km range on the open road...


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You can run both. I have seen it done. Build an in cab switch with a co axial splitter. You have to be able to manually switch between both. If ya can do it, it's better than getting out and changing arials.