Cavalier Camper Trailer

red hilux

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Ive bought a set of these for inside the trailer


bought 2 of these aswell ( and an enclosure). Im changing the way its wired in the back.

One will be for the kitchen and the other for inside the camper.

Inside panel, the volt meter will be switched, USB will be permanently on ( will paint out the blue illumination ), cig will be switched, running a cig to the roof for a fan, and have the others for lighting

Outside will be
water pump
2m strip LED inside the trailer so I can see in there at night

In the front.

Ive got a third enclosure.

HWS controller, element switches, led strip for the tool box

red hilux

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Many years ago. I bought a bbq that had a wok burner. Then I bought a Webber. The bbq has sat undercover and in my shed for about 5 years. Bugger it. I will put it on the verge for someone else to use

I took the wok burner off and made a fitting for the trailer. Brilliant

red hilux

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I wall mounted my solar panel. It slides in and out of the brackets.

It’s there just to keep the camper battery top up while not in use

red hilux

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got a little bit done on the trailer today
Ive installed electric brakes, hand brake and upgraded the water pump to a higher flow pump

sorry, forgot to take pics