Caulfield Camping Show


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So i was standing around at our stall down here today when i recognised this bloke walking past. He looked familiar and i then noticed the shirt the bloke with him was wearing was a 4wd Action shirt. I walked over to him and said "Glenno, Troy from Johnno's Camper Trailers, I've got just the trailer for you"!!:eek::rolleyes:

Spoke to Editor Glenn for about 15 minutes. Really nice bloke, not as tall as i thought he would be... Told him all about my 80 Series and he told me he is getting a Super Charger fitted next week to his! Also told him of our High Country Adventure last weekend, omitting some minor details of mixed drinks and so on...:rolleyes:

Oh, i didn't sell him the trailer but he has now seen my 80 airborne at Stocko!:D:D