catch can and blanking plate


years ago I fitted a Provent catch can to my 79 series Cruiser. I drain about 100ml every 5000ks. so it works well

last week I removed the intercooler in order to get to the EGR inlet pipe just to check things. the intercooler had only the slightest trace of oil inside it and none could be seen in the EGR inlet pipe elbow that is downstream of the EGR valves. however there was a fair amount of dry carbon coating the inside of the elbow pipe.

so, to eliminate some of the carbon, I have been thinking about fitting a blanking plate with an orifice of 7-10mm. having the orifice I know will let in a certain amount of EGR gas, but not as much as the full diameter of the pipe elbow would have and it would be required to prevent a mil being lit up.

I have heard that with the blanking plate fitted the EGR valves to tend to open up more. if this is the case, then the orificed blanking plate would not really be doing anything.

so. to see how the EGR valves are performing I am also looking at getting a scangauge II to see if they read EGR position in order to see what their position is pre-blanking plate compared to post blanking plate.

my questions are:-
has anyone fitted a blanking plate to a land cruiser with the V8 1VD-FTV diesel?
and does a scangauge read EGR valves position?