Carry an extra can of beer...


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The Nanny state is now travelling with us! That is just soo
We don't seem to have this problem Frosty for some reason.
I used to get the Engine management light come on fairly often & I could reset it while driving up a sand hill with practice. Doesn't happen anymore since the loom & engine were changed.


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lol; give me a 1970 motor without all the b/s that we have to pay so much for. I don't mind some of the comfy stuff, but.......... :rolleyes:


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It seems around 50% of the cars I see on the road these days must have run out of blinker fluid as their blinkers don't seem to work. Although some must have a little bit in there that as they get half way around a corner enough gets into the blinkers to make them work for a split second. :mad:

Sounds like a national recall should go out me thinks. :rolleyes:


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If a car won't start because the wiper washer bottle is low I would get it disconnected. Something someone in an office sees as a new fantastic idea could result in someone being stuck in an isolated area and if they don't have the handbook with them the repercussions may not be good. When my wife bought a new Hyundai in 2011 the doors automatically locked above a certain speed I seen that as being dangerous for us and our child who could be trapped in the car if the system fails and not being able to get out in an accident or something because they may be locked inside I had the dealer disconnect it.