Carnage in the Kimberly


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This must have been a brutal roll over to rip the car apart like it has , body lift certainly hasn't helped .

Happened on the Great Northern Highway .


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Bloody hell, speed must have been a factor, plus the age and condition of of the vehicle may have contributed to the carnage level.
Any word on the occupants?

red hilux

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I hope thats not a roll over

Me personally, I think its been a dumped car

Both fuel tanks missing, spare tyre, plus how many times have you seen a body serpated from the chassis


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That 1s been there for over 2 weeks.
Yes it was whole. And still on it roof when I saw it. Its just now been "raided". Just like all of them left out there.
There actually another 1, well half now up the road thats been there for about a year.
Only took a week before someone turned up with a oxy cut from the back of the driver doors and all thats left is rear end.

It was a "locols" car.

Joe Fury

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G'day Earthlings
Amazing what sort of traction images like these get once posted on a forum page, these busted car scenarios are 'standard fare' throughout the remoter parts of the 'big state' ~ why crap like this happens is anyone's guess but once a vehicle is left on the roadside, be that because of an actual accident or more likely a mechanical break down, or just out of fuel the occupants walk away or bum a lift back to whatever community they hail from, then the next car load of relations come along and rat whatever is required to keep their shit boxes going.

Once the good bits are gone, they usually torch the wreck so nothing is salvageable ~ the 'local cops' often paste a large orange notice on the abandoned vehicle stating that it's REPORTED.

After it has become a bloody big eye sore and a possible danger because the traveling tourists almost always stop to look and photograph the remains, ponder about how when and why, the Main Roads crew comes along and hauls what's left away and the stupid tax payers pay for this.

Maybe I should start a thread on these cars abandoned by the 'locals' as someone called them, but that would just make you cry.

Safe travels : Joe Fury

Joe Fury

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G'day Earthlings
The boss and I were 'out'n'about yesterday and covered a total of 76 kilometres in doing absolutely nothing important in the grand scheme of things, drove into and along a substantial creek bed, stopped in a shady spot, boiled the 'Billy' made a cuppa, built and enjoyed a salad roll then collected a few rock specimens just to help weigh the Cruiser down a little more, but with this 'busted cars' post lurking in my thoughts, I snapped these few images.

Some have been languishing in the scrub for a long while a few are relatively new to the environment none are nice but all are there, shame really because the powers that be 'can't or don't see them' ~ apparently!

Safe travels : Joe Fury




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A newbie to Aus question - do these wrecks ever get cleared up? In years to come won't they become an eye sore if left as is?