Car runs over sleeping family at campsite


What can one say...:mad::mad::mad: I'm glad no-one from the family was killed...

"Stupid do as stupid does"


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At Kiama
Mother and kids dragged 20m not too serious dad broken neck
19yo male excess 0.16

teza h

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Yeh! thats a real worry with a ground tent,and one of the reasons that I got a roof toper. Many times I'v been laying in a ground tent listening to cars going by in camp grounds and thinking,,,one slip by them,,and we are flatend.


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What was he thinking?
Oh, thats right, he was drunk and indestructable.
Good to hear no one died.


Travel and camp in groups. Circle the wagons for protection from the young and inebriated. Single wagons act as pinball bumpers. Apparently steel fences are little help either. He must have had a decent run up.


This is a real shame. Hopefully the drunk driver gets what's coming to him with the full force of the law.


its funny how the innocent are always to get hurt and the drunken nut doesnt have a scratch

Moto Gp riders are taught to go like a rag doll as soon as they stuff up (accident)...Less injuries to when your tense....

Thats why p!ssheads always survive,well not always but a lot of the time...There relaxed...


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It's really sad! You go away on a holiday with the family to only have some pissed idiot nearly kill you all! Drink driving laws need to be strengthened. Send the idiot to jail for a year or ten and see how he feels about drinking when he gets out!