Car PC/GPS screen advise needed


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I think i have most components for a Car PC/GPS tthe parts i have are:
12volt Mini ITX pc in a 7x7x3 inch case : plan on using XP
1.6Ghz processor, 1GB ram( can go 2GB) 320 GB laptop Sata HDD
8 x usb, LAN port, firewire, serial mouse n keyboard slots, RCA video out, audio in/out, serial video out & with the right adapter enough space to put a small pci slot card in say digital tv?
SiRFstar III usb gps mouse
Logitech DiNovo Mini wireless usb keyboard (which incorporates a mouse touch pad)
Igo '08 software for the street & was planning on using Oziexplorer offroad.

Still need a portable dvd drive to loadup the operating software, then usb keys for the rest

but am really stuck on a screen to run the system off and came accross these new 10.4 Desktop TFT LCD Monitor w Touch Screen + VGA: Electronics
ebay item # 400118304706

i need opnions on these 2 options & any other suggestions?
option 1 would allow the system to be portable into wk van, good size
option 2 would hide the screens away nicely
what is the best resolution to run oziexplorer on?
would also prefer a screen with 2 inputs, 1 for a reverse camera.
do i need anything else? anything i've forgotten ? beside a small amp to run speakers for music lol


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RodW would be a good person to send a Private Message (PM) too. He has a impressive set up which he has documented in My 4x4 section