Car Hoist


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I am considering a car stacker / car hoist to give me more storage room in the garage to squeeze another car in
I know nothing about them but am considering this
Or a version thereof. This style is very cost effective, the full scissor stackers you get in apartment buildings etc are about 15k which is too much coin for home use

Anyone got an thoughts or recommendations ?


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Hey Alby.

Interesting hoist, the caster`s would make it easyer to move about but I would think these have to be bolted down to have their full strength.

Wonder where they are made, it just says that they are made to AS.


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The sales lady said you didn’t need to bolt them down
I guess it is a static load and sits in the centre of the structure so sounds reasonable
Assume they would be made in China.....isn’t everything?


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No good for servicing, maybe keep an eye out for a 2nd hand hoist with arms so it can do more than just store a car


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Matt I specifically don’t want the ones with arms as your suspension is left drooping for extended periods of time
I know it isn’t ideal for servicing but that is not the main intention


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The wire rope lifting mechanism worries me a little - does it have the ability to lock the platform during the lifting process, so that if a cable breaks part way up, it only drops a limited distance?
For $100 extra I would consider the 4,500kg model, simply for peace of mind.

Just nit-picking, but the stated package size at 540 x 700mm doesn't seem big enough to fit all those pieces in.

There's no apparent wheel stops on the drive-on end, so there's a risk that if you do something stupid (Who? Me?) the vehicle could roll off.
Also there are differences between the pictured hoists:
One photo shows what appear to be guide forks at each post, as well as castors underneath the unit - the others don't.
The lift motor changes, style, colour and ends (and sides) between photos.
One photo shows what looks like a locking handle at the motor end of the platform - the others don't.

And the operational controls appear to be mounted on the unit itself - colour me yellow, but be buggered if I would want to stand right next to something lifting 3.5t up over my head.

The biggie for me is that this is obviously a self-assemble unit - will you vehicle and house insurances cover you if the thing poops itself and drops your car through the side wall of the garage?