CAPT Fawcett Track Dwellingup

Karl Fehlauer

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Headed out with members of my 4WD Club yesterday (The 4WD Club of WA) and did the Fawcett Track through Lane Poole Reserve - it was a great day and my first trip sine I had a double knee replacement surgery back in Dec 17. I was a little sore at the end of the day and unfortunately wasn't able to get around and take too many photos but it was a great day with great people so that made up for it.

Pit stop
2018-02-24 4WD - 001-Edit.jpg

Lunch stop
2018-02-24 4WD - 003-Edit.jpg

2018-02-24 4WD - 006-Edit.jpg

Hill decent
2018-02-24 4WD - 009-Edit.jpg

Karl Fehlauer

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awesome very nice out there.

you actually engage 4wd?
Yep :D there are some great hill climbs and descents plus some river crossing etc.
Also came across a Hilux bogged to the hilt in a creek - had enough onlookers cheering him on so we didn't hang around - apparently he had been there for a few hours :rolleyes::rolleyes:


Is this track ok to do solo?
Heading to Perth for the show this weekend and would like to do this track on the way back to MR on Sunday.