cape york


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I did it this year with 2 blokes in a Suzuki. A few notes that might help.

You don’t need to travel any more than about 300km to get unleaded. I carried 60L on the roof and could have done without it I recon next time I will take 20 l only.

Same with drinking water you only need to carry bulk water for remote camping all the road houses and private camp grounds have water and the creeks are pristine I would drink the water for kids I’d probably boil it first. We had 20 litres per person in case of getting stuck.

If you can get RACQ ultimate cover do it. They saved me over 6k recovering vehicle and people after a gearbox failure.

Watch your weight the corogations are no joke they are hard on everything keeping your weight down really matters.
Snorkel filter cover things are a winner I used 3 on the way up and cleaned them all when I arrived. No dust or dirt in the filter.
Fresh food and I use the word fresh lightly is expensive but affordable it’s junk food that is crazy expencive on the cape. Think $8 for a bag of Doritos I probably saved our group $150 over 3 weeks because I bought chocolate for 2.50 a block in Townsville before we left civilisation.

The most I paid for unleaded was 2.12 a litre. From Brisbane I think the average was 1.85 per litre over the trip.

You will love it I will be going back maybe as soon as next year

Make sure your camper is A1. Most repairs I saw being done on the tracks and camp grounds where trailers and motorbikes. Replace all your suspension bolts and wheel bearings before you go and carry spare cryovaced pre greased bearings. A spare hub and wheel nuts.

Check wheel nuts at every stop north of coen our group of 3 vehicles found 3 loose nuts on our trip.

As for cost I did everything I wanted to including a night in port Douglas and tourist stuff in the Daintree helicopter flights fishing charters trip to TI souvineers pearls for the wife from roko island and a couple of nights in cairns on the way home over 3 weeks and probably spent 5K. Doing it cheaper would Be easy maybe 2.5 without the frills.



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Seriously, i wouldn't even think about going with a company nowadays, i used to run tag a long tours up the the Cape and the Gulf in the late 80's and through the 90's, and had untold satisfied clients, but the whole game has changed now and the Cape is so much more accessible, as is the Gulf. We used to have access to areas the general public didn't, which justified the cost, really if you need to book a tag tour now, you would be better going on a bus tour and save wear and tear on your own vehicle


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Les hiddens had a couple of troopys for the camera guys. I ran into them at Barron falls in 1989 filming the opening scene of show with the falls in flood. Buggers wouldn’t give me a job.