Cape York West Coast


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Hi all,

im planning a trip up Cape York and will be doing old tele up to the tip and I'm wondering if anyone knows a good track to take down from the tip along the western coast of the Cape since I'll be heading into the gulf of Carpentaria.

side note: if you know of anywhere or a good way to find a convoy to go with please let me know that too


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Good as in a bit of a challenge would be old coach rd. Good as in well maintained, we always turned off at Fairlight station just up from Laura to head to Normanton. Nice track along the range. Most west cape tracks are just farm/community access roads. The track between Kowanyama and pormpuraw is dogit and needs permission. No need for convoys in winter, people everywhere up the cape and bikky dippers on every free camp on the Mitchell River all the way through now. It used to be great haha.


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You could always turn off just south of Musgrave HS and take the Dixie Oriners road, end up crossing the Mitchell River at the Dunbar crossing and then carry onto Karumba and Normanton