Cape York Track Closures


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Hi All,

I just read in 4x4 Aus mag that there is a large possibility of track closures up the Cape due to Government restrictions on track maintenance etc.
Has anyone heard much about this or knows when this is likely to happen?
What a joke. Lets hope this wont happen!


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There's been rumours and actual track closures going on for years. Some tracks are closed for the season then reopen next year. (budget restaraints) The latest big rumour is, they want to shut down access to all of the cape. Other than just major roads. I don't know if that's the Gov. or the greenies. If the Greenies have their way, we won't be able to go anywhere or see anything. So what's the point in "looking after it", if you can't appreciate it???


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Yeah i totally agree, closing tracks permanently is rubbish, how are we meant to get out there and appreciate what our country has to offer us if all the NPWS and Greenies want to do is close everything off and stop us from going places. It would be a real shame to close it all off its like Roothy said once before mother nature is a powerful thing and she will take her land back where she wants it, or somthing along those lines..... basically the tracks we take are only a small portion of what australia has to offer and surely these small tracks are no different to the government making 4 lane freeways i mean come one