Cape York June 2020


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Hi Tony,
Are there any special requirements to join your group for the fundraiser trip to the cape?
Thanks Tim
Thanks for the enquiry Tim, there is one thing everyone must have, and that's a sense of humour. Apart from that, no there is nothing special apart from a suitable vehicle, we have 3 support vehicles, all first responders and a mechanic. Unfortunately the COVID virus has put a speed hump in things atm, but in saying that, we have just under 4 months till we head off, so at this stage I'm not cancelling it, feel free to email me for more information.


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Well the Qld grubberment reckon the borders will be shut until at least Sept, at the very earliest end of July or early August. So it will be a mad dash for the tip when that happens. That's if the indigenous commuities are opened then as well.