Cape York - 2015!


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G'day Shane
Ha. My GU is a 2001 was factory turbo d now has an AXT turbo which run a garret turbo. Recalibrated pump by Burnie fuel injection and all put together by a Guru in Bendigo. When I did the Simpson a couple of years ago I was 3850 kg on a weigh bridge before my mate and his cloths were put in. So I'm hearing you. No one believed me ,when I got over one of the easy tracks over Big Red and they couldn't Ha. I ended up getting a GVM up grade, so I was closer to legal. 3495kg. If I wanted more ,a whole lot of pollution hoops needed to be jumped through, and I couldn't have satisfied the rules. Interesting after what you've said I think 33" will be fine. A few 4x4 clubs down here in Tas. Are anti 35s.
Replacing chassis sound major.There a good vehicle though.
When I brought mine An agricultural sprayer I know down ( big bussiness)here had a look around it and said these were the best vehicles I ever had.
Any way might grab my young fella and see if he can show me how to put some pics. On this thing. Ha I might need a few lessons
Tec tarded


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So replacing chassis , wow did you buy a vehicle to wreck for the chassis or could you just get a chassis from a wreckers.


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I have given it to a man and given him many many dollars to fix it
As long as its on road ,registered and safe to drive I'm not asking many questions
Im that guy who just says "fix"