Canopy for Hilux

Les PK Ranger

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Most canopies are as good as each other . . . some are lined, which can be good for sleeping in the back (warmer, more insulative I think, and less condensation).
They all cost a bundle in general.

Dust is relatively easy.
A couple of past threads here (did a search canopy vent) . . .
This also touches on water sealing too . . .

A forward facing 'vent' to pressurise the back area, anytime you're moving forward, the pressure in the back pushes out the tailgate, keeps all but about a cm in the jamb clear in mine.
My arb canopy is fitted with one of theirs, up the back for easy operation.

This thread on 4WD Action forum is also of interest, note my vent pics in post (#2)
Got any canopy vents ?
Despite some of the advice there, I find leaving a window slightly open does not perform anywhere near like a pressurising vent, but YMMV.

My canopy leaks a bit in the front corners in rain, I think most will (if not from new, then eventually).
Half a cup overnight maybe.
I'm not that fussed about it, have a tub liner which drain away 99% of it under my storage tubs / think rubber mat in there.
I can sleep in there without getting damp, even in a downpour . . . I'm in a swag in there anyway when I sleep in the back.
Tub liners are usually fitted at the same time as a canopy, going over the edge and under the canopy edge, so consider this at the same time if you think you'll do that mod too.

If you mean water coming in the back tailgate gaps, you CAN get rubbers to fit in the jamb, blocking off most of such gaps.
Some vehicles have kits put together, think you can find them on ebay with a search.

Or, you can ensure your drawers are fairly waterproof, or at least drain easily, or use other tubs to keep things out of any water ingress when doing creek crossings.


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A good canopy would be remove the tub and fit a alloy tray -- then a alloy canopy with lift up gull wing doors, that's been my setup for over 2 years, heaps of rough corrugated dusty roads (No dust inside), survived 2 Top End tropical wet season. My canopy is as good as the day it was fitted, may be not as shiny.

Removing the tub and fitting a tray will gives extra clearance at the rear (where it's needed on utes).. Full alloy canopy means no glass to smash when towing your camper (rocks bouncing off the camper), side access to fridge and camping gear is way better than accessing gear from a rear tail gate of a tub with fibreglass canopy. The alloy can have a roof rack built in easily as well, great for firewood.

Pricing of a alloy tray and canopy, compared to a fibre glass canopy, with roof rack, rear bar to protect the tub etc, it's very comparable.

Just a alternative idea