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Gday all,
gotta couple of questions and looking for some ideas. I'm getting a 1200 long canopy fitted on Monday and bloody keen for it, but not too sure the best way to set it out. first off, whats the best way to secure ply wood to the floor? ( to bolt the fridge slide to and storage etc) Would also love to see what some of you guys have done with your smaller canopies. planning on making the passenger side fridge and kitchen stuff with the right side general storage.

Cheers all
Yeah mate added B/W drawers... Both tops slide... You can get cheaper Titan drawers...
Plus there's a selection of plugs (USB,merit,ciggy) on the right side with a 12 volt gauge...
Have a ciggy one on the left for the awning...

I added ply for the fridge before I had the drawers , just used a couple of bolts..


Goodluck with your new canopy....
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If it's full alloy or steel I highly recommend lining it with marine carpet or a roll of foam rubber from clark rubber to greatly reduce the heat. Also if you want an exhaust fan as well I put a simple solar one in mine with an intake at the other end of the canopy to draw out some of the heat it helps the fridge run better.
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Hi Mate, I have one the same,

To get 12v Power into itI ran a feed from aux battery through tray using gland nuts to waterproof,this goes in to a home built 12 volt aluminium control panel which feeds the led lights inside and leds in wings. For accessories I have2 x Anderson, USB, cig sockets. A bonus is it Hides all the wiring.

For the fridge I made an aluminium riser attached the slide to that, bolted that through tray. In hindsight I wish I bought a drop slide though.

Floor I used rubber mat.

I need to do two more things: solar panel on the roof and inside Roof I will line with formshield.



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thanks for all the great ideas guys. im going to be running a MW alu canopy. going to fix some ply with marine carpet to the floor and build off that


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Gday mate, you won’t regret a canopy. Here are some photos of the setups over the years. I had a 1800 x 1800 lift of camper on my old Ranger setup but found I didn’t really take the canopy off enough to make it worth while. That setup I used timber baton’s made into a frame and 12mm structural ply screwed to the frame. Got some carpet from Bunnings. Got rid of the Ranger this year and sold the canopy. Bought a new Triton MQ and fitted an old aluminium tray and modified it added a dog box with toolbox on the other side. This time I got some aluminium sheet and made the frame out of aluminium to lift up the floor and stuck down some carpet squares again purchased from bunnings and fitted a fridge slide. For the 12volt I had an aluminium box made up to hold all the wiring and connections. This setup works perfectly for me. Next getting another canopy to replace the plastic boxes at some stage.