Can you have too many awnings


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I already have a 2.5 x 2.5m awning i am doing a 2 month trip coming up with 3 guys, doing the anne and canning.

Ok do i go all out and buy 2 more awnings rear and the other side?

Plp who have the rear is it pactical, is it worth it? For the size their bloody expensive.

Plus we have 1 snorrer,having the car in the middle may just be enough not to kill him.


I am considering a rear awning to cover the back of my wagon wile cooking etc only for rain because its a PITA when it rains & im cooking..


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I only have one awning on the Patrol & it is the rear - THAT is where my drawers/ Kitchen is.
I am fortunate to have a mate with an industrial sewing machine & I have velcro around the sides (And rear) with side curtains I can add for wind protection or extra awning.

My Centre Pole Tent (With side poles) has a zip on awning & I can join it to the rear awning end to end or put the Wagon side on.

The full Tarj Mahal setup (With AFL football on Laptop TV for the Boss at Kalgoorlie).:D



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Just consider splashing out on a foxwing or copy out there.
The copies are pretty good value by the looks of some I saw in another thread link the other week.

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My Troopy has 3 awnings, one either side and one on the rear that has a 3 sided wall that Velcros to the roof to make an enclosure for us to stay dry in while sleeping..



I run a 3x2.5 on the side with a 3x2.5 extension as a space doubler / lean-to / wall (projector screen as well) and a 1.8x2.5 rear. Keeps the admin and eating area as well as the cooking area shaded and sheltered from the rain.
Depending on destination or time away I also take a 3x3 Coleman gazebo with lift out wall.

Makes a big L shape around and provides plenty of room as required.

I find the fox wings are a good idea and easy to setup but provide limited shade due to curve.
Eventually the RTT would hang over the drivers side otherwise I'd have an awning there too!

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I had the tiger11 rear awning on my barn door cruiser it was bloody useless during any rain . They are not wide enough and the rain comes in on the sides drenching your gear .I now have a tent pole mounted on the rear roof rack bar that pulls out each side and use an oztrail 2.4 x 3.0 nylon tent fly tarp during rain, takes a little longer to erect but works well. plus a 2.5 x 2.5 side awning. packing up 3 awnings every day on the anne and canning would be a pain
If you want the best quality aust awning made from real canvas look at these 4x4 Awnings


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I ran both sides with 3x3 meter on my explorer only missing the back because I usually setup a parawing/tarp around the camping area for some shade, I only use the awning to sleep


I have both a standard 2.5x2m awning and a 2.5m Skywing,(like a Foxwing) I like having options.It's good to have both if you like a bit of room to move around when the weather closes in.

You can't beat full coverage.:)


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cheers guys,

Did a 1 month trip to the cape last year in a triton only had a 1.4 x 2 m awning when i rained we had no shelter dont want to make the same mistake if it rains or shines.

So im pritty keen on SUPAPEG Australia - Quality Camping & Outdoor Supplies

if you buy it through FB its $50 cheaper and you get a sand kit

cheers unko

Hi mate

I like there angle iron pegs. But I don't buy from companies that won't state the price on there website. I might be idiosyncratic but it really p's me off.......



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But I don't buy from companies that won't state the price on there website. I might be idiosyncratic but it really p's me off.......


Agree, pretty annoying, but not too hard to hit the buy now button to see how much they want to screw you for.:)


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Prices are there too see, you just have to visit there online store via the web page.

Supa Wing Awnings

I recon the supapeg gears pretty good myself, I also come across this one that also
looks like a ripper setup.

Ostrich Wing Awning Home

Just wish they were a little cheaper.
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I ended up getting one of these as i find the 2.5m awning too big on the patrol (too much overhang) and i didnt want to get a reat.
So at half the price of the 2.5m Foxwing and less that buying 2 ARB awning I got this.
Foxwing Eco 2.1 - #31117 | Rhino-Rack

I'll be fitting her this weekend