Can i fit 33s to my pajero with a 2" lift

I know it's been a while but as someone has re-opened this thread I thought I would give an update
Went with Bilstein shocks front and rear, Dobinson rear coils and front torsion bars and added Polyair bags in the back for towing.
Gave me 45mm lift along with the factory 40mm body lift (auto) I have pretty good ground clearance except for the diff!
Got rid of the crappy 29's and now vary between a set of ATZ 32's for offroad and a set of 32's Grand Trek AT3's for road and daily use.
I have been stuck a couple of times since lifting and tyres where changed but only due to the diffs catching in between mud filled ruts so I am happy with it.
I kept the factory side steps and they have saved me a few times from serious sill damage, one example of this is the P/s where the guy behind me watched me drive through a big rut and hit a hidden stump. He said the step bent up past the level of the front door then sprung back after I went over it. It does have a banana like shape now but it saved me big time. The rails under are stronger than many think so I will be keeping them.
I have 1997 paj with 33.10.5. 15 now and no scrub on full loc k,, if I go will this scrap turning is there a big difference


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Turning circle of a road train no matter what you do. Going that wide isnt a good plan the tie rod end adjusters have been known to randomly let go (its exciting ) even at 10.5 some tyre places say no.