Can anyone tell me WTF were they thinking ??


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Probably not the best to hitch two straps together :eek:


Get ready to dook, thats good advice if there was a brain amongst them they would be dangerous


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What a bunch of MORONS!!!!! There was'nt one brain cell udes there at all!!!!! That's a good clip newbies. It contains pretty much EVERYTHING that is dumb, stupid and WRONG!!

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That's not a bad damage list for one recovery, 1 winch,1 snatch strap, 1 tow hook and obviously quite a few brain cells...


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hmmm how stupid, joining with a shackel, putting the snatch on a tow ball. good recipe for a death, they where lucky


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What I liked about it was it was a what not to do at every attempt

Winch was never going to pull it out of the soppy mud

tow rope wasn't going to work

never recover from a tow ball

never join two straps together with a ubolt - even it was a rated shackle (this one cleary wasn't)

never stand near a snatch strap = you saw what happened to the u bolt ending up it front of the car

snatch straps fail and usually its in the centre so the energy usually goes somewhere that's why frosty suggested a dampner

snatch at end with one snatch em was the right thing but never from the tow balls

lucky the rovers two hitch never failed (it was close) and it could have gone back the other way

hopefully others will learn from their mistakes


This video is the reason I believe it should be mandatory for every new 4wd owner to do a free safe recovery test.

It could be done online in half an hour, just by watching that video and another one showing the correct way, followed by some questions you have to anwser.

Most 4wdrivers do the wrong thing simply because they dont know the right way.
It would also be great public relations for an industry that is always getting crap dumped on it from the media.


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I believe their names were -
Wayne Kerrs
Stu Pid
Tos Ser
Fook Head
From the moment that video started, I knew they were dangerious to be around


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Landrover wasn't at issue here, the driver and his mates are. Totally lucky that no one got killed or vehicles damaged


So lucky someone was not hurt, this is a real how not to recover a vehicle video as that was down right dangerous.


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"Haha that was lucky, someone could have died there!!" (after the snatch strap broke when it was attached BY A D-SHACKLE!!)..what a d**head!!!
Ohh now lets go ahead and do something just as stupid, attaching the non-broken snatch strap (which was problem overstretched) to the towball!!

And if any of us were to come across these idiots one day out in the bush (if they did live in Oz) and comment on their stupid efforts, they would probably just be smart asses about it and least we got it out!!

Im a newbie and would never do anything this stupid...mainly because my hilux would have gotten through that bog hole:phaha...but its just common sense!


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Hey ! They are from the land of the great unwashed and they are driving landrovers so what do you honestly expect !


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what can you say?

atleast you know if they come along to help out you can say no ill wait for someone else.

Even when you buy a an arb snatch strap or any strap of theirs they have a BASIC guideline book for recovering a vehicle/using the straps.

But did anyone notice/didnt they notice the 2 sets of wheel tracks going into the mud but not out of it?