can anyone help with a weak transmit signal?


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I have a GME with a very weak transmit signal ive replaced the antenna and mic ive been told they have a problem with a transmit module inside has anyone struck this before?


Ive got a tx3200 and it has never missed a beat.. ive got a 6dB antenna and get about a 15km radius range in flat country...


When I was having transmit problems I was told that the antenna cable connections can cause problems as every connection has a small loss. Make sure that the connectors are very clean & the antenna base has a very good earth connection. Also if there are connectors to lengthen the cable can weaken the signal too.




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The location of your antenna can be an issue also - If it's mounted high on your bullbar it should be fine, but if it's mounted low on a front or rear bumper you won't get the best performance from it.


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iv heard if the arial mount isnt earthing well it can be a problem. also where the wire go's to the plug need to make sure the 2 layers of wires dont touch.

look it could be the unit but probly be the first one iv heard of stuffing up.

iv heard many problems with ariels,

what db you running ?
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Signal to receiving radios splits into two different things.
1 Your signal is scratchy and hard to understand.
2 Your signal is clean but too quiet (low volume) to understand.

In the first case, your antenna might be hampered by the interference caused by its location (as mentioned earlier) in that the antenna is on a bumper bar and being blocked by the body of your vehicle.

In the second case the tuning of your radio is not allowing your voice level to be transmitted efficiently because it was tuned incorrectly.

There is a third possibility that your microphone has ingested some magnetic particles (steel filings) from being in the area that drilling or grinding has been done.

Hope this helps.


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re: weak transmision

If you unscrew ur anttena from the base, then the plug on the anttena base, i reckon you'll find the ground wire has broken off or the signal wire on either end isn't inserted far enough into the plug


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Talking to someone in the know on the recent GME incar units there has been issues. Is it still under warranty?


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no its an old one that was in the car when i bought it but not to worry i went and bought a transmit module for $65 and soldered it in myself and its fixed it :) thank everyone for all the advice


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no its an old one that was in the car when i bought it but not to worry i went and bought a transmit module for $65 and soldered it in myself and its fixed it :) thank everyone for all the advice

Yep, that was my problem. When I went back to the shop that sold me the radio, asking him to check my SWR after I set up a ground plane under my fibregalss canopy, he discovered that there was almost no output power. He told me that my output amplifier was blown up.

I think this might have happened when my antenna came loose on its base because I was too shy of tightening it up too tight. The first time I screwed the aerial on, just after I bought it, I used a small spanner on the hex nut at the bottiom of the antenna. But I must have done it too tightly, because when I unscrewed the antenna I ended up unscrewing all the bits in the base plate. Was a lot of mucking around trying to pull it all apart and fix it all up again.

So I decided to just do it up firmly without a spanner - just with my bare hands! Problem was that I reckon it was not tight enough, came loose, and so next time I transmitted, it was like transmitting without an antenna. I think that was what 'blew' the output stage.

Luckily still under warranty.