Camping Trailer from written off vehicle?


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Having watched some programs on Roof Top Tents and how you have to take them and everything with you during your days activity thus potentially losing your camp spot I though about attaching one to a trailer.

I drive a Hilux Cab, how would I go about getting a front end write off so I could get someone to make me a trailer with a tub the same as mine?

I figure that I could put a rack on that and a RTT and then I have all my camping gear in one trailer which i can leave on camp and go off in the 4x4.

I could also use the canopy, rack etc on my own ute if I need it without a trailer.


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Check with a wrecker or gumtree etc or ring around a few tray installers . They usually end up at the tip for scrap.

They look nice but not as practical as a good trailer

Why's that, you dont seem to have many high sided trailers here, UK its rare to get a trailer without walls of 50cm.


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Most of the tubs you see going cheap these days are from dual cabs. A dual cab tub isn't a good option for a trailer as the wheel arches are too far forward, so you need to add a big tool box to the front and keep it full of 'stuff' so it all balances out.

A tradesman box trailer with a lid and a set of ladder racks for the RTT is a good basis.


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Fair bit of work involved plus has to pass for rego obviously so might need an engineers cert?

This version I found on here is quite compact but still weighed in at 520kg, add a tent & other gear & you would be close to the max unbreaked trailer weight.

Some from the net-


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I think I put this in before.

Mine holds a full size rooftop tent, 2 bikes, camping gear, 40lts water, 150AH battery, 2 jerries.
I think it`s around 550-600kgs.
It does have brakes.
I have towed it up the vic high country 4 times so far without any problems.