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Camping sites near a river

Discussion in 'Camping Areas' started by DJSteady, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. DJSteady

    DJSteady New Member

    Good morning everyone
    My wife has finally agreed after 8 years to come camping / 4WDing with our 3 young boys. We are planning in Jan sometime for approx. 1 week. I was thinking Turon River, Newnes etc but I think they might be too busy this time of year. My 7, 5 & 3yo boys love fresh water rivers with their dump trucks so keen to stay near these.

    This was an old post I did years ago

    Does anyone know if Currawong at Chichester is accessible with a standard 2013 Hilux (It's lower than my old 2002) How busy does it get in the peak Christmas times.

    Also Farquhar Park Camping Ground.

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. WildtrakRudy

    WildtrakRudy Active Member

    Hi mate, did Chichester SF a few weeks ago (finally convinced the missus as well:rolleyes:). Absolutely beautiful there, heaps to see and do, the family will love it. You'll have no issue at all for access, even though you're in a Hilux :p Dirt road all the way in then a small creek crossing. I'd imagine it'll get packed around Xmas but the Currawong Campground will remain the least populated site. Enjoy!
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  3. red99td5

    red99td5 Active Member

    We spent a weekend in Turon National Park 10th Jan last year up the Northern end along the river, there was three campers in the whole valley
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  4. DJSteady

    DJSteady New Member

    Awesome, thanks mate. I might go for a trip there for a night to have a look around. I agree with the Hilux :)
  5. DJSteady

    DJSteady New Member

    Is that the next camping area or did you keep going along the track and not turn off at the creek to the main camping site
  6. Airstrike

    Airstrike Active Member

    Yay camping!
    Turon River NP is massive, I went in early Jan, bloody hot but the river really cooled me down
    There's plenty of places you can camp there, plenty of campsites and space along the river.
    Just need a 4WD as there are water crossings, and steep tracks. Engage low range and take it easy
  7. red99td5

    red99td5 Active Member

    You turn right once at the main camping area and head down stream crossing the river once or twice and then go up a big hill away from the river, the track brings you back down to right beside the river, from that point on there are several spots on the other side, we usually camp at!8m2!3d-33.1918212!4d149.935513
  8. barnsey062

    barnsey062 Well-Known Member

    I just spent 3 nights camping on the river along the bridle track, I was amazed at how clean the camping areas were left by other previous campers although there are lots of reminder signs telling people to take there rubbish with them & leave the site as you found it, there are quite a few camp grounds along the river & the one i stayed at was about a kilometer before where the track is closed due to the land slip, the road and track were in really good condition & i never had to engage 4x4 the whole way in, i passed a couple of other camp areas & saw a few normal every day cars that had set up camp along the river, the camp area i chose was empty so the dog and i had the place to ourselves, there were two drop toilets just up the hill with in a 2 min walk from the camp, they were really clean & even in the 35C heat there were no nasty smells, there was lots of great shaded areas along the river & the wildlife wandering in and out of camp was amazing, the river is very child friendly with great pebbly beaches, the sandy parts of the beeches is made up of small gravels about the size of rock salt & doesn't stick to you like normal sand does, there was very little in the way of flies, think i only saw a couple of march flies, never even seen a mosquito, there were a few really big Christmas beetles that came out at night attracted to the lights but once i dimmed the led's they disappeared as well, all in all it was a really nice place to spend a few days & the water was really refreshing & clean.
    some of the wildlife you can expect to see while camping along the Bridle Track :)
    bridle track phone pics 104.jpg
    bridle track phone pics 102.jpg
    bridle track phone pics 109.jpg

    my dog had a ball chasing the carp around the river :)
    bridle track phone pics 101.jpg
    bridle track phone pics 106.jpg
    bridle track phone pics 108.jpg
    bridle track phone pics 099.jpg
    nice grassy areas surround the camp, thats the pit toilet you can see on top of the hill.
    bridle track phone pics 082.jpg
    my dog standing on a rock in the middle of the river in front of my camp site.
    bridle track phone pics 070.jpg
    bridle track phone pics 100.jpg
    bridle track phone pics 091.JPG
    bridle track phone pics 058.jpg
    bridle track phone pics 086.JPG bridle track phone pics 068.jpg
    sorry about all the pics but its the best way to describe a place :)
    there are some more pics & a few short clips on my instagram
    this clip shows how peacful & beautiful the river was
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