Camping/Fishing in the Dargo or Licola area?


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Okay, I know there's a lot of country between the two. Sorry. Not sure where to post this, hope this is okay...

I'm looking at going to this area in the first week of November. Driven, camped and (fly) fished across much of the alps, but not yet visited this region. We are solo travelers (capable vehicle with winch, moderately capable driver when sober, absolute genius otherwise...) and we are looking to camp in one or two spots over four or five days to do a bit of fly fishing and walking. I'm also aware the snow fall this year will mean fast/high flows around that time.

Happy to do some more strenuous tracks but not looking to push the boundaries for the sake of it.

Can anyone recommend one or two spots which will be:
- accessible
- preferably not crowded
- fishable (smaller streams are usually better in high run-off).
- Not requiring winching every couple of metres/kms?

Bit of an ask, but I'm not in the least familiar with the area. If the rain holds off we'll be sampling a few of the tracks to get some good views, but isolated camping and fishing are my main goals.

Let me know if I'm asking too much.



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Cant offer much advice but id suggest signing up to the vic meet at talbotville (just out from dargo) early November where there will be many minds to pick and trips out on the tracks to take.
Hi mate
Buy yourself A Rooftop map of the area,You have the Dargo River,Wonnangatta River etc plus a shitload of small streams here and there,Just be aware of Seasonal Road Closures still in place...

Have a great time


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Pretty much what Swaggie said. All the streams in the area fish well including the high plains streams although the trout are generally small. Not super busy that time of year so camping shouldn't be an issue.



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Generally the fishing near Licola and Dargo is slim pickings. But that could be me. The Barkly River NW of Licola has trout. Not many camp spots though. You can at Rumpffs flat on Skene's Ck and drive back to the Barkly. There are small timid trout in that too.

Other than that, the Upper Dargo is good, as is the Wongungarra. Both have camp spots. While the Rooftop maps are great, don't go by the spots marked as fishing. The guy who does the maps doesn't fish!!

Forget anything downstream of Licola or Dargo.


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Thanks for that. I will be grabbing the Rooftop maps. I believe most of the tracks open on November 1st in that area, so I'm expecting a bit of traffic on the Saturday and Sunday. I'm happy fishing for small fish- where possible I use a 2 weight and target with the dry fly, so the take is more important than the size of the fish. Though, with high water, I'm not expecting too much dry fly action.